Lego Does Bo Rhap

Very off my usual litany-topics, but I had to share this.  From the ‘About the Serial Insomniac‘ page, you will know that Queen is my favourite band ever.  I have all their albums, and a lot of rare material too.  I have most of the solo stuff undertaken by Freddie, Brian and Roger.  In fact, there is nothing I don’t know about them and a long time ago, before my life was completely consumed by inertia and malaise, I used to be the webmaster of a very comprehensive website on them (dead now, alas).  I am furious with my parents for not procreating ten years earlier so I could have seen the real Queen live.  I did see Queen plus Paul Rodgers (involving Brian, Roger and of course Paul Rodgers but not, sadly, John Deacon and, quite obviously, not Freddie), but whilst it was great, it could never ever be the same.

So I am a big fan.  But I never made any tribute quite like this.

It is utterly ridiculous to have made a video of Bohemian Rhapsody out of Lego characters, but that does not make it any less fabulous.  I bow in shame to the creators of this video; they make me look like an amateur fan.  How much time would it take to have made this amazing thing?!  You’d have to be a hardcore fan (not to mention a dab-hand at video editing, but that’s an aside).  I thought I was a hardcore fan, but clearly I am a lightweight.  I fail at Queen worship.

Just brilliant.  It has fair cheered me up this morning.  Thanks to people on Twitter for bringing it to my attention.  Apparently others on YouTube have done similar videos for Metallica, another band I love, so I am off to check that out now!

Forgive this momentary blip of pseudo-exuberance.  Normal miserable service will be resumed shortly, especially with the bloody OHS shite tomorrow, of that I am certain!

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