Share Your Thoughts on Transference and The Dyad

This isn’t really a ‘me’ post, but just a quick plug for a project that I am pleased to announce appears to have arisen out of my previous post on the above subject here.  Vanessa, who provided an analysis and viewpoint in the comments section of that post (comments four and six), with her various studies and publications on transference, as well as her own experience of psychotherapy, is now planning to write a book on the phenomenon for the patient/client and the layperson at large.

As you will see from comment six in the previous link, Vanessa is hoping to interview people on their experiences of transference and psychotherapy, as well as address questions people (clients and those interested in general, I think) have on the topics.  I have already tweeted about this, but just in case I have any readership that isn’t on or doesn’t follow me on Twitter, I thought I would post the information here too.

The contact details for the project are as follows:

Twitter: @eTransference

Even if you’re not interested in taking part in Vanessa’s book personally, if you know anyone that may be, please pass these details on.

More narcissism from me later in the week.



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