Today’s Psychiatric Appointment

Saw a new Senior House Officer, Dr A, who listened to how things had been and asked me to explain various specifics. After 20 minutes, she summarised things – missing a lot of points in my view, but I couldn’t be arsed arguing – then went to see Dr C. Dr A said either she or Dr C would come back. Whilst in the waiting room, I saw Dr C calling someone else. As I am scared of her, I was in part pleased she wasn’t going to see me – but I was also outraged that she was abdicating responsibility again.

However, the people she’d be seeing left before anyone came to get me again, so it looked like she might get involved. Alas, Dr A turned up again. After I’d been waiting another half hour.

She said that there had been a “secretarial error” and that Dr C would need to see me, but couldn’t today, how unfortunate, she’d send me out an appointment as soon as possible, things must remain as they are for now, Dr A isn’t experienced enough to deal with a case like mine, Dr C needs to speak to C (um, didn’t you have three months to do that, luv?), must away now SI, we’ll be in touch soon. Byeeeee!

I could go into detail about my response to Dr A, and I will, but for now I think how I feel about the whole thing and how I think they feel about me and indeed how I feel about me is best expressed by a graphic rather than words. It ‘speaks’ louder.

My mother had to phone the GP’s office to get me Valium, as my main ‘stash’ is at A’s. Hey ho, ho fucking hum.

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