SI on Tour!

Merhaba arkadaş,

Wow-ee, w00t, I’m a rockstar on tour.  Or not.

I’m going on holiday tomorrow.  There is an inherent irony in heading to a mainly Islamic country (Türkiye Cumhuriyeti) on the anniversary of the World Trade Centre attacks, so much so apparently that the travel agents had tomorrow’s departure at a good bit cheaper than either last week or next week.  (NB.  Please do not think for one second that I am equating the Muslim faith with terrorism; I most certainly am not.  I’m just not very PC.  Get-out-qualification – many more acts of violence committed in the name of atheism, Christianity, blah blah.  Query – if ‘Christianity’ and ‘Islam’ both open with capital letters, does that mean I should have written ‘Atheism’ above instead?  In not believing, am I part of a slightly dishevelled but nevertheless kind-of-organised religion myself?).

You can probably tell by this blabber that I am procrastinating about packing.  I am on A’s PC to, ostensibly, sync my iPhone and iPod in preparation for tomorrow’s travelling.  In reality I’m fucking about to waste time and avoid the most hideously dull task imaginable to man, aside from sitting through any Sandra Bullock film.

Anyway, I’m writing this merely to advise any of you mad enough to keep tracks of this blog that things will not be quite the same for the next fortnight-ish (I can hear the en masse “thank fuck”s from here).  I’m a complete iPhone data whore, so I will not drop off the face of the blogoTwittersphere by any means, but don’t except any deep psychological discussions.  Well, unless I go mental, in which case I may feel compelled to articulate my thoughts to the world wide web for some sort of electronic catharsis or e-whoring.

I have got one post in preparation regarding the rest of this week’s dubiously interesting events, which I intend to write on the plane tomorrow and upload as soon as possible after getting to our destination in Turkey, but aside from that, you’ll only (hopefully) get a few short updates with a few “ooh-look-at me-in-the-sunshine-whilst-it-pisses-in-Ireland” pics thrown in here and there (now it will probably piss in Turkey and shine like blazes here).

For those of you with whom I am in email touch, I can’t promise any lengthy prose from that medium either (“thank Christ”), but I’ll certainly try to check in.

Who knows, if I’m feeling generous I may share a (very cryptic) image of myself…inşallah

Well, until we meet again, my friends, hoşça kalın ve seni seviyorum.
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5 Responses to “SI on Tour!”

  1. no, you shouldn’t capitalise atheism. Because atheism is just the opposite of theism, and you don’t capitalise that. Both are just concepts. Equally, atheism and theism are amoral concepts, can you can’t really accuse them of being responsible for crimes.

    Rather, it is the types of beliefs that include atheism or theism that are at fault, such as the Roman Catholic Church, New Atheists, Secular Humanism, Islam. I’m not sure if Stalinist Communism would be counted as one, but I suppose the argument could be made. Although to be honest, there isn’t many mass crimes caused by atheistic beliefs. Stalin wasn’t killing people because of religion. Discriminated, sure, but largely ignored. Hitler was probably a Roman Catholic. Pol Pot was a Cambodian supremacist with a belief in a blend of maoist and stalinist communism. He did try to kill religious people, but again, he had a very warped belief system. None of the atheist groups around today (AFAIK) follow such a radical doctrine. The worse that one of the modern atheistic groups have done is defile a cracker, which was either rude and callous blasphemy, or brilliant and witty blasphemy.

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