Freaky-Deaky Family Trees

This is not in any way an interesting entry, if any of them ever are, but I feel that it is a necessary one.  I keep making references to individuals in my family, especially the various members of the McF clan, and trying to describe it all becomes tiresome, and I am sure the same feeling is felt by my readership when trying to make sense of it all.

I have therefore devised two family trees to help you make sense of the mess that is my extended familial unit.  I have not done one for my paternal side of the family; aside from MA who is married to my mother’s sister GA, I know nothing at all about them, nor do I wish to.  So the family trees relate to my maternal family and, in the case of the second, specifically to the intensely confusing McFs.

So, here’s how my mother and the others that are sometimes mentioned fit in to the whole ridiculous situation. Click on the image to be taken to a larger version.

My Maternal Family Tree

Here is the McF family tree.  You will note that I have included my mother and myself in it; this is to provide visual reference as to how I am related to all these fuckwits.  As you can see, I am on the same level as my actual cousins, though as alluded to here, I often call the generation below that my cousins too, as I grew up with many of them, in particular SL, StudentMcF, ScumFan and DMcF.

The reason for this is that my actual cousins tend to be a lot older than me.  My parents were both in their 40s when I was born; MMcF’s first son, C, was born when she was 17 – he is now 50, twice my age, so you get the idea.

Again, click the image to see the larger version.


For the purposes of clarification, SMcF, KMcF and ScumFan all still live with MMcF and her husband.  SL also did until she got married a couple of years ago.

When CMcF and MrsRMcF first got married, they too lived in the house for quite a while.  MrsRMcF wanted to get out of there, quite sensibly, and finally succeeded.

Re: R and HMcF, they too lived there until some time after they got married.  It is worthy of note that the two daughters, Whovian and A, are not R’s natural kids.  They, along with two boys, are HMcF’s children from a previous relationship.  R adopted the two girls, who live with them, but the two (older) boys live(d) elsewhere.  Yes, this is fucked up, but what about this family isn’t?

Finally, when each of CMcF/MrsRMcF, RMcF/HMcF and SL finally moved out of the matriarchal domain, MMcF had a breakdown.  Each time.  If she had her way, everyone listed on that family tree – and probably more besides – would (still) live in that Christ-forsaken house.

Thank God for A and Mum who appreciate the benefits of living with only one other person.

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