Contact SI

You can contact me in a variety of ways, should you be mad enough to wish to do so.

  • Find me on Twitter.  This is my recommended method, as I am a Twitter addict.  Navigate your way to or search for ‘serial_insomnia’ in your Twitter client.
  • Find me on Facebook.  I don’t use it often, but I am there.  Head over to
  • Leave a comment.  Leave a comment on any post or page; I do usually reply to them.  Should you have a private query, I can contact you via email as addresses are required to leave a comment.
  • Email me.  I’ll respond to short queries quickly, but beware that I can be a bit of a shite correspondent when long emails are required.  I’ll always get to it eventually though!  Write to si ~~ [[AT]] ~~ serialinsomniac  ~~ [[DOT]] ~~ com.

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